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Corona Virus

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KHN’s ‘What The Health?’: Say What? The Spread Of Coronavirus Confusion

Can’t see the audio player? Click here to listen on SoundCloud. As we gain more and more information about the coronavirus and COVID-19, we seem to have less and less understanding of how the disease works and how prevalent it is in areas around the country and world. Not only does the information keep changing as…
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Baltimore’s ‘Squeegee Boys’: ‘If We Don’t Go Out, We Don’t Eat’

BALTIMORE ― On the corner of South President and East Pratt streets in Baltimore a little over a month ago, a young man in a black hoodie stood out on an otherwise empty intersection. A single gold chain with a cross hung around his neck. With a squeegee in his left blue-latex-gloved hand and a…

Health Experts Link Rise In Arizona COVID Cases To End Of Stay-At-Home Order

With new daily coronavirus cases rising in at least two dozen states, an explosion of new infections in Arizona is stretching some hospitals and alarming public health experts who link the surge in cases to the state’s lifting of a stay-at-home order a month ago. Arizona has emerged as one of the country’s newest coronavirus hot…

NIH Spearheads Study To Test At-Home Screening For HPV And Cervical Cancer

With a tiny brush, briefly swab the vagina to collect cells. Then slide the swab into a screening kit and drop it into the mail. Proponents believe a simple test like this, which can be done at home, may help the U.S. move closer to eradicating cervical cancer. The National Cancer Institute plans to launch…